HR Structure Set Up

Our team will set up a standard HR structure for your company with policies, processes and documents that can be used on an ongoing basis.

Our Set-Up services include the following:

We will work with you to identify all current (and possibly future) HR needs, and create a workable HR plan / strategy document.

We will work with you to develop: – A list of all current (and possibly future) job roles.

– An organogram / organisational structure.

– Job descriptions and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for all positions.

We will develop a detailed and comprehensive guide to your company culture, and to all rules, policies and procedures for your current and future employees.

We will design an efficient onboarding procedure to be used by all future employees.

We will develop a robust, practicable and sustainable performance management procedure.

We will ensure all basic documentation is done, as well as verification (where necessary). This will include:

– Employment letters / contracts.

– Employee information and Health forms.

– Reference / Guarantor documentation.

– Employee qualifications and identification documentation.

– HMO shortlisting and negotiating.

– Pensions onboarding and documentation.

Providing support with choosing an HR software that can be customizable for your needs. Typically, software features include:

– Employee information and real-time (cloud) storage.

– Absences, and annual leave tracking.

– Time, attendance and work rota tracking.

– Payroll automation (if required).


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